Tuesday, 12 June 2007

RAVE: Gorgeous Babe & Mad Cow

gorgeous babe & mad cow @ Naili's Place, Sentul

Thursday, 10 May 2007

RANT: Clark Kent MUST GO, or I will

darren @ tirstenlo @ Clark Kent

Your continued existence puts my relationship in jeorpady. If you are as gentlemen as u claim to be, and does not want to be the 3rd party that causes anymore damage, please do not ever re-appear. You've caused enough heartbreak and heartache. I would like for you to disappear forever.

Flirting; having indecent conversation and thoughts; expressing those indecent thoughts and how much you're turned on by her... is NOT MY IDEA of a just a harmless friend. YOUR ACTIONS DISGUST ME.



RANT: lies & deceit, fools, hurting

... lost for words, speechless ...

heart-break and heartache

don't ask, don't comment
this entry is just a reminder

Sunday, 6 May 2007

RAVE: The Love of My Life

This entry is dedicated to the love of my life...

there's no one else i'd rather be with than u
there's no one else i'd rather love than u
there's no one else i'd rather pamper than u
there's no one else i'd rather marry than u
there's no one else i'd rather kiss than u
there's no one else i'd rather have in my arms than u
there's no one else i'd rather make love to than u
there's no one else i'd rather fall asleep with than u
there's no one else i'd rather wake up next to than u
there's no one else i'd rather come home to than u
there's no one else i'd rather have children with than u
there's no one else i'd rather spend the rest of my life with than u
there's no one else i'd rather grow old with than u

i love u and only u
i want u and only u
i want to marry u and only u
i'm addicted to u
i'm committed to you, for real
can't wait for the moment when we say "I DO"
i love u

Friday, 26 May 2006

rants & raves revisited: one blog a year

OMG.... check out the date of my last entry.... May 26, 2005!!!

... and... Quote: "... whoa... look at the date... looks like i'm a one post a month blogger..."

now i'm a one post a year blogger :P

wat a coincidence... May was asking me whether i blog... and so i paid a visit... and noticed the date of my last entry...

thought i'd just drop a note to say hi to my blog as suggested, hahaha

right... i've said hi... and this has gotta be a quickie... i gotta be in a meeting in Sunway in 2hrs time...

Thursday, 26 May 2005

rant: email blues

first, i get 300 spam plus returned undelivered/rejected emails within a timespan of 60minutes!!! a quick calculation brings that to be receiving one in 12 secs!!! man... i was majorly shocked beyond words!

That's an unusually high amount of SPAM! - was my first reaction. However, upon a little investigation, i realised that close to 99% were returned mail - rejected: spam; returned: user unknown... and only a couple were of the run-of-the-mill spam.

So what happened?

It seems someone took a fancy to my domain name (not this one, my business one) and used it to spam others... in geek talk, that's called email-spoofing, something that's usually experienced by hotmail, yahoo, microsoft and other high profile domains. Why me??? I'm afraid only the spammer will ever know. But if this continues, i'm gonna get black-listed :(

A quick email to tech-support, and what do i get? "there's really nothing u can do about it" d-u-h!!! Don't i know that already??

10 minutes later, i wasn't able to send any emails out from that particular mail server. ok... i hope it's the tech ppl doing their job and not my mail server crashing on me... it went back up some half an hour later... so i guess they temporarily suspended SMTP service to stem the flow and hopefully those bastards will move on to other domains to spoof.

...funny thing is, my other mailboxes are unusually quiet these past two days... and it didn't hit me until i realised that there's no way i have no emails on two of my most active addresses. On a daily basis, i will get at least 5 or 6 emails from topic subscriptions, newsletters and such... and these days with the subscription to certain forums, at least 10 or more notification in an hour. so i did some more investigating... a look at the status box finally uncovered the truth... it seems Outlook Express has a limit of checking 32 different email accounts in one user profile.

How did i come to that conclusion? Simply because i've been adding a few more mailboxes to be monitored, but it appears that it's only checking 32... hmmm... i wonder...

Clicked on Send/Receive on the really quiet mailboxes... and voila!!! 128 emails totalling 5MB over the past two days on one... and 56 emails totalling 8MB on another. OK... that's more like it! Looks like i have to pick and choose which 32 mailboxes to check automatically from now on, and do the rest manually then... bummer!

All these couldn't have come at a busier time... what with a few deadlines to meet and the upcoming scuba trip... leaving in 18hrs and i'm here troubleshooting email problems and resolving connection issues... not to mention struggling to meet deadlines.... oh, and did i mentioned that i need a newer, faster laptop? man... this machine here is overworked and overloaded... it can still cope pretty well, just that my needs have gone up, and it's not keeping up :(

whoa... look at the date... looks like i'm a one post a month blogger... ahaha... we should all be worried if i post more often... that'll mean i have no work to do, and no money coming in :P

Saturday, 23 April 2005

rants & raves revisited: two months down the line...

wow... it's exactly 2 months since i declared my sudden (and apparently short-lived) urge to leave my mark on blog-space... and nothing in the last 60 days... how pathetic is that, huh?

not that i didn't have anything to say, just that it's been really hectic this past two months... so much has passed, and so many things have changed... it's unbelievable that it's only been 2 months,!!! (felt like forever)

let's see... i've quit my events management job on 28Feb and started seriously doing my own IT business... in the last 60 days, i've started running my own business, landed a RM10K contract, went scuba-diving, went to melbourne and back.. and now i'm sitting at some college in Jakarta, going home on 25/04... as i was saying to someone earlier... ppl will either think i'm earning shit-loads of money or that i'm not serious in my business... hahaha... and oh... btw, will be climbing Gunung Nuang 30/04 to 02/05...

it's crazy lookiong at the amount of trips i suddenly have on my upcoming schedule once i stopped makan-gaji... two more scuba trips coming up - one at the end of may, one in end june/early july...

back to the topic of rants & rave... the only reason i'm even writing this is cos i'm stuck in some college in Jakarta for 3hrs (ok, i'm not exactly stuck here, just that i'm too bloody lazy to go explore) waiting for Rony to finish his MBA exam... i could go to the mall down the road, but since i didn't have internet access for the past few days, i really needed to check my emails and catch up with some work as well... and got to reading some blogs... and remembered that i've got one of my own :P

yeah... that was that...

i realise that i like to read other ppl's blogs and leave comments than actually writing my own...

Wednesday, 23 February 2005

rants & raves

dunno why i didn't start blogging earlier...
dunno why i'm starting now either...

all i know is i've this sudden urge to leave my mark on blog space, ahahah...

watch out world!!!