From New York: Pass them pancakes, sister ... it's THE TOP TEN LIST for Wednesday, May 10, 1995.
And now, a man who likes to sing, sing, sing ... David Letterman!

From the home office in Sioux City, Iowa ...


10. That old guy from the commercials? He licks all the cookies before packaging

9. Only thing they've produced in the last 3 months is a two-mile-long Mint Milano

8. The cookies smell like a farm

7. Whenever you open a bag of cookies you find an empty fifth of tequila

6. Openly admit it's not a "farm" but an armed compound full of sugar-crazed fanatics

5. The goldfish crackers taste like goldfish

4. Keebler Elves being held hostage in an abandoned silo at north end of farm

3. You turn on the Simpson trial and see the Pepperidge Farms guy testifying about DNA

2. Anatomically correct gingerbread men

1. Two words: hairy cookies

Compiled by Sue Trowbridge

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