Well, a long long time ago, there were three very ugly women. They desperately wanted to look better as they are often ignored by men.

One day, one of them came to know about a witch who is said to be very powerful in black magic. So, she told her friends and they all agreed to go and see the witch.

After three hours travelling, they reached their destination. When they went into the hut of the old lady, they told her what they wanted-beautiful faces. She said she can make them beautiful but they have to drink a very bitter "magic formula". And after drinking the potion, they have to run all the way to the cliff nearby and jump into the sea while shouting what they want to look like.

So, the first one went running after drinking the potion and when she jumped she shouted "Claudia Shiffer!" and *ploom* she went deep into the sea and when she surfaced, her face turned into Claudia's face.

Then went the second one and when she jumped, she shouted "Rachel Hunter!" and *ploom* went into the water. And of course her wish came true.

Then came the third one, she ran and ran and when she was about to jump, she tripped over a stone and cursed "Dickhead!". *PLOOM*


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