One day, there was this man who decided to try out sunbathing at a
nudists' beach. He finally found a suitable spot at the 'The Havern' and
settled down to make himself comfortable.

    An hour later, he noticed a little girl staring down at him. Beginning
to feel increasingly ackward, he placed the newspaper over his private
parts. The little girl, whose curiousity had been AROUSED asked him 
what that was and he explained that it was his bird he kept it under wraps so
that it wouldn't fly away. Soon after, having got used to the piercing
stare, he fell asleep......

    When he awoke, he had a shock of his life to find himself at the General
Hospital, remembering only vaguely of a certain BAD dream he had had of
finding his 'bird' being roasted! "What the hell happened?" he said to
himself. It was an even greater surprise, when the little girl who was at
the beach, stepped into his room.

    "Hello. You're awake."

    "Yes, hi. Do you know how I came to be here?" he asked the little girl.

    "Actually......yes. You see, while you were sleeping, I wanted to play
with your bird. But after a while, it started to SPIT at me. I was 
SOooo angry, I BROKE its neck, CRUSHED its eggs and set its nest ON FIRE, 
that was when the people from the hospital started to arrive and they brought
you here. By the way, don't worry about the bird, the nice man in the white
suit tells me that it's already dead and wouldn't do anyone anymore harm."

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