You've heard the tale of Robin Hood,
               And how he did the poor people good,
               But there's more to this fairy story,
               Of Sherwood Forest's pride and glory. 

               At night when all the stealing was done,
               Robin and his men would have some fun.
               In fact it would be quite fair to say,
               The merry men were rather gay!

               As Little John starts to unwind,
               Robin takes him from behind,
               And as they frolic in the grass,
               Robin rams him up the arse.

               One night when they were all at play,
               A gorgeous maiden came their way,
               She sauntered up to Friar Tuck,
               And said I'm Marian "Wanna Fuck?"

               The Friar couldn't believe his ears,
               She's offering sex to us old queers,
               And while recovering from the shock,
               Robin presented her with his cock.

               The three old men all had a bash,
               As Marians clothes were off in a flash,
               And this for Marian was sheer bliss,
               As they filled her every orifice.

               When all was done she gave a whine,
               Thankyou boys for a lovely time,
               But for your pleasure you must pay,
               I've got pox, have a nice day!

               "Now listen here" said Friar Tuck,
               "Us merry men don't give a fuck,
               The laugh's on you, you silly old cow,
               We've got aids, so who's fucked now!"

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