Adam and Eve as everybody knows
Lived in a garden without any clothes
And in the garden there were two leaves
One covered Adam and the other Eve

As the story goes needless to say
Along came a wind and blew them away
And a sight made Adam stare
A sweet thing in Eve covered with curly hair

Also a wonderful sight met Eve's eyes
For Adam's thing began to rise
Filled them both with much delight

As the night was close with a beautiful moon
They started to look for a place to spoon
They came to a place that suited them best
Beneath a tree and laid down to rest

As nature would have them in each other's arms
They started to play with each other's charm
Adam placed one hand on Eve's soft breast
With the other he reached for her nest

The magic touch of Eve's bare hand
Produced a feeling that made Adam's thing stand
The unexpected caught Eve by surprise
As she found adam between her thighs

When the end of his point had touched her hole
It filled her with passion beyond control
Thrills upon thrills and the pounding of her heart
And slowly her slit began to part

She spread her legs as far as she could
For it entered and felt so good
She threw her legs up over his back
By now he had it halfway up her crack

Eve was pushing with all her might
For his was so long and hers too tight
Then forward and backward he did glide
Until friction made her warm and juicy inside

Then all of a sudden he drew with a tilt
And shoved it right in to the hilt
Then it was with great pleasure indeed
As Adam's stroke became greater in speed

The lips of her pussy which she had made spread
Were tender with friction, all juicy and red
The faster and harder he shoved the deeper it got
Until it was firmly gripped by her knot

So he embraced her with all his strength
And forced it in to its entire length
She clung to him for the sensation was great
And Adam all sorts of embraces he made

She felt Adam's thing began to squirt
And hope the spurting would never quit
The lips of Eve's pussy with passion clung
To the heavenly feeling of that wonderful thing

She gripped it with all her might
And would never let it loose
Until she had drained out every drop of juice

Now this is a lesson for you to know
And it also goes to show
That through the ages people did screw
Until it comes down to me and you

Contributed by: Linda Kan

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