There was once a man whose lifetime trade was erecting partition walls that split one room into two. One day, the man received a call from a young female customer who needed a wall fitted in her bedroom. Needing the extra cash, he agreed to perform the task that very day, and journied over to the girl's house.

Upon arrival, the girl (who was decidedly beautiful) told him where to start, and left him to complete the task. When the man finished, he notified the girl, and quietely waited for payment. Half an hour later, the girl came back in a terrible state, and told the man that she had no cash in the house, but to show her appreciation, she would gladly do anything he asked.

Being an honest man, he explained to the girl that all he had ever wanted to do was to put his index finger up a girl's arse, whilst having his thumb up her pussy. Cautiously the girl agreed, and pulled down her pants.

The man placed his fingers where he wanted them, squeezed them together and said: "now, give me my money, or I'll rip out the partition".

Found at: TyGer's Joke Collection!!!

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