So you don't know Jack Shitt?

He's the son of Awh Shitt and Oh Shitt. Awh Shitt, the fertilizer magnate, married Oh Shitt, the owner of Knee Deep Shitt company.

Jack Shitt married Noe Shitt, they produced 6 children. Holy Shitt, their first died shortly after birth. Next came two twins, Deep Shitt and Dip Shitt, two daughters Fulla Shitt and Giva Shitt and another son Bull Shitt.

Deep Shitt married Dumb Shitt, a high school dropout. Dip Shitt married Lotta Shitt and they have a son, Chicken Shitt. Fulla shitt and Giva Shitt married the Happens brothers. The Shitt-Happens children are Dawg Shitt, Byrd Shitt and Horace Shitt. Bull Shitt just married a spicy number, Pisa Shitt and they are waiting the arrival of Baby Shitt.

So now you know Jack Shitt!

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