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  1. Miscellaneous Adult Jokes (22July96)
  2. Canada's New Tax Law (22July96)
  3. Clinton's Wish (22July96)
  4. Condom Brand Names (22July96)
  5. Cute Drawings by 3rd Graders (22July96)
  6. It All Depends On the Fly (22July96)
  7. It Ain't easy being a Dick (22July96)
  8. One Day at the Doctor's Office (22July96)
  9. Doctor-Patient Jokes (22July96)
  10. If You Love Someone... (22July96)
  11. Answering Machine Messages (22July96)
  12. I'm Coming! (22July96)
  13. Kids Say the Darnedest Things! (22July96)
  14. Love Letters (22July96)
  15. Miscellaneous Bathroom Humour (22July96)
  16. Poetic Sex (22July96)
  17. The Porn Star's Baby (22July96)
  18. Guidelines For Proper Diskettes Use (22July96)
  19. Quit Drugs (22July96)
  20. Toilet Wall Scribblings (22July96)
  21. Travelling Salesmen Tales (22July96)
  22. Updated Office Language (22July96)
  23. Divert Your Course! (22July96)
  24. Facts About Men (22July96)
  25. A Great Pig (22July96)
  26. Human For 30 Minutes (22July96)
  27. Men - A Chemical Analysis (22July96)
  28. More Computer Jokes (22July96)
  29. Army Jokes (01July96)
  30. Name The Baby (06June96)
  31. More Miscelleaneous Jokes (01June96)
  32. One Day In Church... (01June96)
  33. Oral Joke (01June96)
  34. Why Coffee Is Better Than Women (01June96)
  35. 100 Zany Ways to Phone In A Pizza Order (01June96)
  36. A Cookie receipe (01June96) [Not a Joke]
  37. You write as well as you drive (01June96)
  38. Men and Women are not alike (01June96)
  39. Murphy's Law of combat (01June96)
  40. why?... (01June96)
  41. 10 ways to confuse your roommate (01June96)
  42. Why cucumbers are better than men (01June96)
  43. Are you a safe driver? (01June96)
  44. Selection of poems (01June96)
  45. Another Poem... (01June96)
  46. A few words on Windows 95... (01June96)
  47. Some Zodiac humour (01June96)
  48. Computers and gender (01June96)
  49. The nun and the hippie (01June96)
  50. Resumes Bloopers (01June96)
  51. Slogan for National Condom Week (01June96)
  52. Confucius Says... (01June96)
  53. Computer vs Woman (01June96) [tables support needed] eg Netscape or Internet Explorer
  54. Hedgehog song (01June96)
  55. Funeral Fun(?) (01June96)
  56. 60 Fun things to do in an elevator (01June96)
  57. The engineer at the guillotine (01June96)
  58. Mypenis... (01June96)
  59. I have Faith In Jesus (01June96)
  60. Bill Gates Went to Heaven(?) (01June96)
  61. The Dictionary Of Dating (01June96)
  62. The 3 worst Chinese Torture (01June96)
  63. Medical Dictionary (01June96)
  64. The ABCs Of Names (01June96)
  65. What they really mean when they say... (01June96)
  66. Eating Orange (01/June96)
  67. Why the internet is like a vagina (01June96)
  68. Horrible Deaths (01June96)
  69. WC (01June96)
  70. You know you're Asian if... (01June96)
  71. Robin Hood and his merry men (01June96)
  72. Little Led Liding Hood (01June96)
  73. A Boy And His Frog (01June96)
  74. Exam Rules (01June96)
  75. Top10 Ways To get Thrown Out Of Chemistry Lab (01June96)
  76. The Ladies Room On a Plane (01June96)
  77. Emma Comes First... (01June96)
  78. Mozart Decomposing (01June96)
  79. The New Maid (01June96)
  80. Penang Traffic Rules (01June96)
  81. Pierre, the French Fighter Pilot (01June96)
  82. Pros and Ko (01June96)
  83. Sleeping With Women (01June96)
  84. Tattoos and Advertisements (01June96)
  85. Yesterday... (01June96)
  86. 4 Nuns Went To Heaven... (30March96)
  87. Adam & Eve (30March96)
  88. Soapy Business (29March96)
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