Last update: 15 Sep 1999

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  1. Zoo Job (15Sept1999)
  2. Successful Management Paradigm [Warning: Language may offend] (15Sept1999)
  3. IQ (15Sept1999)
  4. Cybersex (15Sept1999)
  5. Customer Complaints (15Sept1999)
  6. Crocodile Shoes (15Sept1999)
  7. Cracking the International Market (15Sept1999)
  8. Constructive Surgeries (15Sept1999)
  9. You know you've been on the computer too long when... (15Sept1999)
  10. Computer Love Life (15Sept1999)
  11. Computer Terms in Bahasa Malaysia (15Sept1999)
  12. College Paradise (15Sept1999)
  13. Coldest Igloo (15Sept1999)
  14. Cucumber Story (15Sept1999)
  15. Beef Patties Story (15Sept1999)
  16. 12 Days Of Christmas (15Sept1999)
  17. Resurrection (14June1998)
  18. Wrong Time of the Month (14June1998)
  19. Nobody Around... (10May1998)
  20. Algebra (10May1998)
  21. Humourous Church Bulletins (10May1998)
  22. "Shooting Birds" (10May1998)
  23. Bought A Calf Instead (10May1998)
  24. $5000 Loan (10May1998)
  25. Cheap Transport (10May1998)
  26. Combinations... (10May1998)
  27. Useful Computer Acronyms (10May1998)
  28. Another 50 Fun Things to Do in an Elevator (26Apr1998)
  29. The Age Of Innocence (17Apr1998)
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Credits are attributed to the contributor of the joke, not the original author, since there is no way for me to know who wrote them in the first place. BUT!! if you can prove that it was yours, feel free to drop me a note and i'll acknowledge it at the bottom of the joke

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