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  1. Male & Female BrainWorks (16Dec1997)
  2. Christmas Songs (16Dec1997)
  3. Classified Ads (16Dec1997)
  4. Clean Living (16Dec1997)
  5. Clinton's Clock (16Dec1997)
  6. Men (2)... (16Dec1997)
  7. Therapy Balls (16Dec1997)
  8. Top 20 Reasons Chocolate is Better Than Sex (16Dec1997)
  9. Classroom Capers (16Dec1997)
  10. I Spy (16Dec1997)
  11. Little Johnny Goes to the Zoo (16Dec1997)
  12. Camel's Balls (13Dec1997)
  13. Cars Gems (13Dec1997)
  14. Checking For Bees (13Dec1997)
  15. Checking The Truck (13Dec1997)
  16. Chicken Farmer (13Dec1997)
  17. You might be a child of the 80's if... (13Dec1997)
  18. CIA Job Search (13Dec1997)
  19. Speech... (13Dec1997)
  20. The Creation (13Dec1997)
  21. "HAIR" (19Nov1997) [WARNING!! Gratituous nudity. Could be VERY offensive to some!]
  22. Impure Mathematics (19Nov1997)
  23. Reasons Why God Never Recieved Tenure at the University (13Nov1997)
  24. Partition (13Nov1997)
  25. Procrastinator's Creed (13Nov1997)
  26. Seminars for Married Men (13Nov1997)
  27. Seminars for Married Women (13Nov1997)
  28. Disney Characters (13Nov1997)
  29. Food For Thought (13Nov1997)
  30. Free Meal (13Nov1997)
  31. Friend's Wife (13Nov1997)
  32. Little Johnny collection (13Nov1997)
  33. Men... (13Nov1997)
  34. The Parrots' Prayers (13Nov1997)
  35. Science Jokes (13Nov1997)
  36. The Height Of... (13Nov1997)
  37. The Top 15 Questions on the Spice Girls Job Application (13Nov1997)
  38. V-V-V-VIBRA-A-ATOR (13Nov1997)
  39. Dumb Wives?? (13Nov1997)
  40. The Woman and Her Accountant (13Nov1997)
  41. What You Didn't Know About Computers (29July1997)
  42. Top Condom Slogans (29July1997)
  43. Shooting Bird (29July1997)
  44. Application For Permission to Date My Daughter [SAMPLE] (29July1997)
  45. The Standardized Guide to the Bases (29July1997)
  46. Calculus Exam (29July1997)
  47. The Bumper Sticker That Really works (29July1997)
  48. Bumper Stickers sightings (29July1997)
  49. Breaking Up is Hard To Do... (29July1997)
  50. You Went Bowling again!!! (29July1997)
  51. Blonde Joke: Phone Call To Mum (29July1997)
  52. Blonde Joke: The Interview (29July1997)
  53. Blonde Joke: Breast Stroke (29July1997)
  54. Black and White (29July1997)
  55. Black Sheep (29July1997)
  56. Black Eye in Church (29July1997)
  57. Bitter Men Say the Cutest Things (29July1997)
  58. The Birth Of A Pussy (29July1997)
  59. Betcha!!! (29July1997)
  60. Bank Robbers (29July1997)
  61. Banana Nut Bread recipe (29July1997)
  62. The BAD Nun (29July1997)
  63. Miscellaneous Baby Jokes (29July1997)
  64. 'AYAM KAMBING BEG' (29July1997)
  65. A Reporter at A Mental Hospital (29July1997)
  66. AOL User Diary (29July1997)
  67. Angry Husband (29July1997)
  68. American Indian Head-Dresses (29July1997)
  69. Almost... (29July1997)
  70. Alien Sex (29July1997)
  71. You know you're addicted to the Internet when... (29July1997)
  72. More Than Fifty Ways To Get Rid Of Blind Dates (and other social catastrophes) (29July1997)
  73. 25 Thoughts To Get You Through Almost Any Crisis (29July1997)
  74. 10 Inch Pianist (08July1997)
  75. 170 ways to tell you're from Hong Kong (08July1997)
  76. First Years vs Third Years (08July1997)
  77. You know you're too serious about computers... (08July1997)
  78. Three blind mice... (08July1997)
  79. Three conditions to marriage (08July1997)
  80. Three dogs at a vet's... (08July1997)
  81. Three surgeons' greatest thriumphs (08July1997)
  82. Three wishes from a fairy 08July1997)
  83. Four nuns on a weekend off (08July1997)
  84. 50 Fun Things for Professors to Do on the First Day of Class (08July1997)
  85. African Roulette (08July1997)
  86. Reasons that you may be Ah Beng (08July1997)
  87. Air India (08July1997)
  88. Alcohol Users' Troubleshooting Guide (08July1997)
  89. Back Pain (08July1997)
  90. The ballad of John and Lorena Bobbit (08July1997)
  91. John Bobbit's prayer (08July1997)
  92. Divine Microsoft (08July1997)
  93. Energizer Bunny Orbituary (08July1997)
  94. First-Aid (08July1997)
  95. Friendship (08July1997)
  96. The Gorrilla and The Lion (08July1997)
  97. Communist Propoganda (08July1997)
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