Conversation Between Two Hookers

Two ladies of the night, old friends, run into each other one 

Maxine:  Roselle, how ya been? How's biz?

Roselle: I been OK, Rosey. Business has been up and down, you know 
         how that goes. But I had a very interesting time last night.

Maxine:  How so?

Roselle: Well this guy pulls up in a beat up old pickup at about 2 
         am. So I walk up to the window and there's this incredibly 
         cute hunk at the wheel and he asks me, "How much?" So I tell 
         him it's a hundred bucks for the works.

Maxine:  Yah, so then what happened?

Roselle: Well, he says he ain't got paid yet this week, and wants to
         know what else we can do.

Maxine:  So what'd you tell him?

Roselle: Well, I don't usually come down on my prices, but this guy
         was a dreamboat, so I tells him, "For 50 bucks I'll give you
         the blow job of your life."

Maxine:  And?

Roselle: Well he looks through his wallet and says, "Sorry, I just 
         can't swing that tonight. What else can we do?"  

Maxine:  Go on, go on.

Roselle: Well, I'm tellin' ya, Maxie, this guy was c-u-t-e, so I tell
         him for 25 dollars, I'll jack him off in the alley behind

Maxine:  And then what happened?

Roselle: Well girl, we get back in the alley and this guy gets out of
         his truck and leans back against the fender of his old truck.
         And boy does he look sexy in the light of the streetlamp.
         So I unbutton his 501's, and girl, I'm here to tell ya, out
         pops the fattest, longest, most gorgeous dick I've ever seen
         in my life.

Maxine:  Yah, yah, so what'd you do?

Roselle: Shit girl, what could I do...... I loaned him 75 bucks!

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