Two golfers are just starting the 13th hole when the first golfer notices that in his partner's golf bag is a high-powered rifle. Curosity takes over and he questions his partner. His partner tells him that he is a hitman.

So the first golfer hits (pun) on an idea and says, "Do you see that window in that apartment across the course? My wife is in that apartment with another guy. I want you to shoot them both."

The hitman tells the golfer "Each bullet will cost you $5000." The golfer thinks that $5000 times 2 is a bit steep but the hitman says, "I have been doing this for 25 years and has not missed a shot yet", and even suggests that he can shoot them in any part of the body that the golfer wants.

The golfer is impressed and says, "Wellll, okay. I want you to shoot my wife in her big mouth and the guy in the crotch."

The hitman pulls out his rifle, loads, and starts to aim. But for some reason is moving his aim back and forth. The golfer asks what the hitman is doing. The hitman then says, "Just hold on a second, I think I can save you $5000 dollars."

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