Great Pig

A fellow's car breaks down near a farm. He walks to the farmer. On the way, he sees a pig with a wooden leg. When he reaches the farmer, he explains the car problem and then asks about the wooden leg on the pig. The farmer says the pig is a truly great pig.

Two years before, the farmhouse caught fire, and the pig woke the farmer and his family. The pig saved their lives.

The fellow asks if the pig lost his leg in the fire. The farmer says that one year ago the pig stomped on a rattlesnake that was about to bite his son; he is a great pig. "Did the snake bite the pig's leg? Is that how he lost his leg?" asked the fellow.

The farmer replied that six months ago the farmer's daughter was drowning and the pig saved her; he is a great pig. Is that how he lost his leg the fellow repeated with some frustration.

The farmer said, "No, I am trying to explain. A pig that good you do not just eat all at once."

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