The Donkey Joke...

There was this American guy who went to Mexico for a holiday. He came across a villiage where there was a donkey who was crying his head off.

The owner of the donkey was offering a bag of gold to anyone who can make his donkey laugh again, no question ask. The american guy said he would give it a go, so he took the donkey to the back of the house and a few seconds later the donkey comes out, laughing his head off. So the Mexican guy gave the bag of gold to the american guy. After taking the bag of gold the american guy went home.

One day, while he was reading the newspaper, he came across an ad saying that there was a guy in Mexico offering a bag of gold to anyone who can make his donkey cry. So the american guy went to mexico, where he took the donkey around the house, and a few seconds later, the donkey comes out crying his head off. The mexican guy gives the american guy a bag of guy and asked him how did you get my donkey to laugh and cry so fast.

The american said, well to make him laugh, I told him that my penis was bigger than his and to make him cry, I show it to him.

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