Another Poem...

         I'm sure you can imagine
         As plain as can be
         The place is Piccadilly
         The players He and She.

         She whispered "will it hurt me?"
         "Of course not" answered he
         "It's a very simple process,
         You can rely on me."

         She said "I'm very frightened,
         I've not had this before.
         My friend has had it five times
         And said it can be sore".

         Then finally contended
         Lay back and relax a bit
         Quickly and readily he bent over her
         And then he started it.

         It was growing rather painful
         Tears formed in her eyes
         It was hurting quite a bit now
         It must have been quite a size.

         "Calm yourself" he whispered
         His face was filled with a grin
         "Try and open a bit wider
         So I can get it in".

         "It's coming now" he whispered
         "I know" she cried in bliss
         Feeling it deep within her now
         She said "I am glad I am having this".

         And with a final effort
         She gave a frightened shout
         He gripped it in anguish
         And quickly pulled it out.

         She lay back quite contended
         Sighed and gave a smile
         She said "I'm glad I came now
         You made it worth my while".

         Now if you read this carefully
         The dentist you will find
         Is not what you imagined
         It's just your dirty mind!

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