Cheap Trick

A young man walked into a house of ill repute on a fine day. He was a little short of cash, so he asked for the cheapest whore they could offer. The pimp replied, "Ok, for $20 you can have a shot at Jane here, a little old but that's all you'll ever get for $20"

He would give everything he owned for Jane but unfortunatately all he owned was $2, so he went on bargaining. The pimp submitted saying "ok ok, with your $2 you can have Mona here"

The man then took Mona to the room and started to pump her. "No wonder she's only $2, she feels like sandpaper inside". After a few forceful strokes, the man was all sore and stopped.

"Can't you do anything about it?"he asked.
"Yup I guess I could ",she replied,"just wait a while."

He waited as she got up and left the room. After a few minutes, she returned smiling, "OK, try me now."

So he entered her again, this time she was unbelievably smooth, and he went on to have the best orgasm $2 could ever offer, so he asked, "What's it you did that made you so wet and smooth... lubricants?"

"Nope.", she answered, "I just peeled off the scabs and let the pus run."

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