Cheap Transport

12 guys decide to take a trip through the desert, so they go to the Arab camel-hire man to hire camels. The Arab tells them it's 1000 dinars per camel, which they find too expensive.

"12000 dinars for transport? No way".

So they decide to hire just the one camel, which they all ride, from head to tail. After a mile or so, the camel starts staggering, trembling etc.

The first guy, the one on the camel's snout, turns to the second man and says "I guess the camel is fucked..." The second turns to the third and relays, "I guess the camel is fucked..." The third to the fourth and so on, until the 11th turns to the 12th who was sitting on the camel's very end, and says "I guess the camel is fucked..."

"So what do you want me to do?", says the twelfth. "If I pull it out, I'll fall off!"


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