A General in the British army was posted to the desert. Upon his arrival he wasmet by the Seargeant in charge, who was to show him around. Surveying the area, he asked "Seargeant, what is that hut over there?"

The seargeant replied, "mess tent sir, men got to eat you know.
"Of course" the General replied. And what is that hut over there?"

The seargeant replied "sleeping quarters sir, men got to sleep you know.
"Of course", replied the General. And what is that flea-bitten camel over there for?

"Well sir, we are a long way from town and there are no women in the area..."
"I don't want to hear about it", replied the General, "that is absolutely filthy."

3 months later, the General, suffering from a severe lack of female companionship, called the seargeant to his quarters. "Seargeant, bring that camel to my tent and tie her to the the end of my bed" he ordered. Once this was done, and the seargeant left, the General moved his stool behind the camel, stood on it with his pants around his ankles, and lifted the camels tail.

The sargeant came back into the tent to make sure everything was alright, and seeing the General in his position, said "My god sir, what are you doing?

The General replied "Is this how the enlisted men do it seargeant"?
"No sir, the seargeant replied, "The men usually ride her into town..."

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