Bank Robbers

Some gangsters think of robbing a bank, they make the best plan that can be made and start to work. A day or two later they were able to get into the bank.

They see hunderets of safes, the head gangster says, "open the first one up." They open the safe and only thing they find in there is a vannila pudding. The Head Gangster says "Ok what can we do, at least we can eat it".

So they eat the pudding.

They opened up the second Safe and there stays another one, they eat this one too. This process goes on for the rest of the safes. They got out all stuffed. And they said "at least we were able to eat".

Next day, on the news:
"Yesterday, the biggest sperm bank in the USA was robbed by an unknown group of people".

From: Linda Kan

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