note: need to understand malay, Malaysian slang and Malaysian politics

Samy Vellu aka Semi Value broke his right arm (the one he uses to write). All the doktors and the spesialis in kay ell couldn't help him and so off he went to India to seek ayurvedic treatment (bomoh-lah!).

He found the village but couldn't speak the local lingo. Not to worry - they knew what he was in yindia for and sent him into the jungle. Meanwhile, back in kay ell, Dr.M wanted to have a cabinet meeting. It was to discuss the impending PLUS (Pungut Lebih Untok Samy) tol rates and he needed Samy Vellu around. He summoned Anwar to fetch Samy and so Anwar dispatched the PM's secretary to india to look for Samy.

The PM's secretary found the village that Samy went to but could not see him for only the people who need treatment were allowed into the jungle.

So he gave the telex to the thamby and the thamby went into the jungle to look for Samy. The thamby gave the telex to Samy who was by now being treated by the bomoh.

The telex read : "Samy.stop.Balik sekarang.stop.Jemaah menteri mau mesyuarat.stop.PM"

On reading this, Samy wanted to tell the thamby his reply but could not convey his message... because i told already what - he didn't speak the lingo. He gestured the thamby to get him paper and pencil but he couldn't write so he asked the thamby to follow him round the village and asked the thamby to draw.

He saw a chicken and so the thamby drew a chicken. Followed by a goat Samy saw. Then samy pointed to his suitcase and the thamby drew a suitcase. OK... now the thamby gave the piece of paper to the PM's secretary and off he went back to kay ell.

Anwar received the piece of paper and stroked his goatee... "Apa ini... chicken, goat, bag... hmmmm?" Then it struck him... "Oh, saya tau!!"

Dr. M asked, "Apa cerita Samy?" Then Anwar passed him the paper and the PM was puzzled too "Alamak!! Apa Samy cakap ini... ayam, kambing dan suitcase?" Then it struck him too. "OK, kita boleh mesyuarat tidak lama lagi...." Dr. M said.

So the message they concurred meant "ayam kambing beg!" (i am coming back !!!!)


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