Which country produce a better army??

There was once a test done on 3 Countries to show which army of these 3 countries are the best. The 3 country are as follows:
1) Japan
3) Singapore

These 3 countries are told to select 1 soldier to go through a test of running a 100 meters while at the same time being shot at with real bullets. There are some covers around the 100 meters area and they are to cunningly take cover and avoid being shot at while running to the finishing point. Any soldier which finishes with the shortest time win the test.

So the 3 country decided to take a soldier from their most elite squad and enter them in the test.

The first soldier is from Japan. He ran and take cover behind a tree after about 10 meters. Then he decided to run and take cover behind another tree about 10 meters away. Halfway while running to the next cover he was shot. He knew that his life will end there. So before he died he shouted "FOR MY EMPEROR, LONG LIVE MY EMPEROR!!!".

The second soldier is from Britain. Proudly and confidently he ran and take cover behind a tree about 10 meters away from the starting point. Then, he ran for cover to the second tree which is about 10 meters away from where he presently is. He was good. Dodging almost all the bullets and taking cover at the right time. "50 meters more and I'll win these test", he began to say to himself. He ran to the next cover and Bang!, he was shot at the heart. But before he died he shouted, "Long live the Queen Of England!!!".

Then Singapore soldier came. He saw and he knew what to do. He had seen all the mistakes done by the Japanese and Britain soldier and knew what to do to win these test. Cunningly he took cover behind the tree 10 meters away from the starting point. He did the same to the other covers remembering and telling himself not to make the same stupid mistakes done by the Japanese and Britain soldier. He dodged, took cover, rolled, jumped and it looked almost impossible for the bullet to get him.

Now, all of the sudden, he realized that he had covered almost 80 meters from the starting point. 20 meters away and he'll prove to them that Singapore army is the best. He ran, jumped, dodged and realized that 5 meters away he'll be home free. He decided to run to the finishing point when all of the sudden, Bang!, he was also shot. He knew that he was going to die. But before he died he shouted "Kani nabu chao chee ***!!!"

Contribution from: Jenn

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