African Roulette

Once upon a time there was a Russian and an African who became pen-pals. They had written letters to each other for more than 3 years, and often mentioned that they would love to meet face-to-face. Finally their big chance came when the African got the chance to visit his buddy in Russia.

The day arrived, and the Russian met his African friend at the airport. They immediately set out on a tour of Moscow, chatting away like old friends. After a while they walked out on Red Square, and the African noticed several Russian men standing around in a circle passing something around. Curious, he asked what was going on down there. "Ah, this is our national pastime, Russian Roulette. Would you like to see how it is played?"

The African indicated he would, so they stepped down to watch. As the African looked on, each Russian man took up a .38 caliber revolver, spun the chamber, pointed it as his head, and pulled the trigger. Then he passed it on to another man. This went on for several minutes.

Finally the African said "I don't understand this game". It's really simple, the Russian said. One of the chambers of the revolver is loaded, but nobody knows which one. If you land on that chamber, then you're dead! He begins to laugh uproarously. Nodding, the African indicates he understands, and they complete their tour.

Upon preparing to leave, the African makes plans for his Russian friend to come visit him next year.


The African meets his Russian friend at the airport, and quickly begins to drive him back into the jungle to the village where he lives. The African is obviously excited about something.

The Russian, noticing it, asks what is going on. "You remember that interesting game called Russian Roulette that you showed me when I visited you?" the African asks. "Well, we've invented our own version called African Roulette!"

"Really?" asks the Russian. "How's it played?"

"There are a bunch of guys about to start up a game now," the African said as they arrived at the villiage. "There they are now," he said, pointing.

In the middle of a large clearing in this African village were 20 men, arranged in a circle facing inwards. Inside the circle was another circle of 20 women facing outward.. The women were on their knees, while the men were standing. All of the men and women are naked. And standing off to one side is an old man with a tom-tom (drum).

"OK, so what's going to happen now?" the Russian asked.

"You see the man with the drum?" the African asks. "When he starts beating the drum, the men start to rotate in a circle around the circle of women. When the drum stops, each man get's a blowjob from the woman in front of him."

"But where's the fun, the excitement, the RISK?" the Russian says, gasping. "It all sounds so tame."

"Ah..." the African says with a grin. "What you do not yet know is that ONE of those girls is from a tribe of Cannibals!"

Contributed by: Linda Kan

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