4 Nuns Went To Heaven...

One day four nuns living in a remote monastery are killed in a tragic accident. They go to heaven and are greeted at the pearly gates by St. Paul. He tells them they must repent their sins before he can admit them to heaven and asks them if they have ever had any illicit dealings with men.

The first nun nervously says:
"Father I have sinned. Once a handsome young man came to the monastery and asked for temporary lodgings before continuing on his way. On the first day as he was changing in his room after washing I peeked through the keyhole and saw his manhood. Please forgive me."

St Paul replied:
"My child. This is only a small transgression. Wash your eyes in that pool of holy water over there and then you may enter the kingdom of God".

The nun washes her eyes and joyously enters heaven.

Then the second nun shyly says:
"Father I too have sinned. On the second day of the young man's stay I also passed by his room as he was changing. The door was slightly ajar and so I glanced in. I saw that his manhood was standing proud so I entered the room and relieved him with my hand. Father forgive me."

St Paul replied:
"My child you have broken your vows but you are not beyond redemption. God is forgiveness. Wash you hands in the pool of holy water and you too may enter the kingdom of God".

Relieved the nun washes her hands and passes through the pearly gates.

With more confidence now the third nun approaches St Paul and begins to speak:
"Father I have sinned..."

But immediately the fourth nun interrupts her.

"Father may I go next? I want to wash my mouth out in the water before she sits in it."

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