Three dogs at the vet's...

Three dogs are in the vet's office, and they start comparing notes.

The first dog says, "All I did was bark at everyone who came to the door, and my owner concluded that I have too much testosterone; he's having me castrated."

The second dog says, "All I did was retaliate when the mailman kicked me for no good reason; I bit him on the foot, and my owner decided that I have too much testosterone, and he's having me castrated."

The third dog says, "I was taking a nap in the upstairs bathroom, when my mistress came in to take a shower. While she was drying off, she bent over and I couldn't resist--I jumped her."

The first two dogs asked," So that's why you're being castrated?"
The third dog said, "No, I'm just having my nails trimmed!"

Contributed by: SIMON KHOO

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