3 Blind Mice

Once there were 3 mice looking for a place to rest for the night. By and by, they found a house and decided to put up for the night there.

The 1st mouse jumped into the closet and made his bed there.
The second mouse jumped into the sink.
And the third mouse jumped into the toilet bowl.

So there they spent their night.

The next day, all 3 mice came together again.

The first 2 mice stretched their arms wide, gave a good yawn and said that that was the best night they ever had. However they noticed that the third mice looked untidy and worn out and had big eye bags around his eyes. So the 2 mice asked him what happened.

And this was his account: "I was just about to lay down to rest when all of a sudden the sky got very dark indeed. And then I heard a very loud thunder and rain started falling all over me. Then the water started getting choppy and muddy, and my God, I would have almost drowned if not for the log."

Contributed by: Susan Goh

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