170 Ways to tell you are from Hong Kong:

  1. You are a British Dependent Territory Citizen
  2. You have AMZY or AFZY on your HK Permanent ID card if you are over 18
  3. You go to Chinese restaurants to "drink tea" every day
  4. You have a nicely equipped Pentium with at least 16MB of RAM but no modem
  5. You use "mail" instead of "PINE"
  7. You go to concerts more that going to church
  8. Your back bag weighed more than 40 pounds since primary one
  9. You love to put stickers with Chinese phrases on your car
  10. Your regular slang includes: pk
  11. You have "3 minutes heat" to anything
  12. You don't spit
  13. You wear a pair of oval-shaped glasses even though you don't really need one
  14. You call your secondary male teachers AH-SIR
  15. You call your secondary female teachers MISSE
  16. You wear designer clothes
  17. You wish to join RHKPD when you were young.....
  18. You have at least one nick name throughout your primary & secondary school
  19. You are proud of your nationality ------ BDTC/BNO
  20. You can drink alcoholic beverages LEGALLY when you are 18
  21. You have "***" on your permanent ID card if you are born in Hong Kong and over age 18.
  22. You like to drive Japanese/European cars but not American.
  23. You know what "Form One Jai" mean
  24. You don't call lottery as "lotto." You call it as "Mark Six" instead
  25. You are so "inch"
  26. You pretend you know Mandarin even though you DON'T
  27. You only use the word "toilet," you never use the words "bathroom," or "restroom."
  28. You start singing karaoke when you were 5
  29. You are an honor student in school (especially in America)
  30. You are majoring in engineering or business management
  31. You are an expert in MJ
  32. You tip only 10% in Hong Kong
  33. You prefer Sony or Aiwa
  34. You have more than 10 cousins
  35. You love HK style BBQ
  36. Ancient HKers call police as "Green Clothes"
  37. You don't know much about the "Basic Law"
  38. You can't tell the difference between "Welcome" and "Wellcome"
  39. You have many many credit cards
  40. You usually have more than two VCRs at home
  41. You think CD is an essential thing in your life
  42. You love to wear famous brand clothes: DKNY, Versace, Chanel, Replay, etc.
  43. You love to wear an oval shape of eye-glasses of the either brand: Giorgio Armani or Calvin Klein.
  44. You watch LD more than you sleep
  45. You love to gossip about HK entertainment
  46. You like discos
  47. You always go to "Karaoke" during Happy Hours
  48. You watch both "Chinese" or "American" movies more than any nationalities in the world
  49. You have a cellular phone
  50. You hate the "Big Circles"
  51. HONG KONG 4-ever!!!!!!
  52. You drive Honda Accords
  53. When you say "how are you" in Mandarin, you are actually saying some bad words......... hehehe
  54. You never do "french kiss" in the public.
  55. You speak Cantonese loudly although there are many Americans around.
  56. You only carry the latest model of cellular phone.
  57. You drive your Honda with body kids.
  58. You only browse "next magazine," "Ming Pao," and "Sing Tao" in WWW.
  59. 12am is too early for you to sleep
  60. 12pm is too early for you to wake up
  61. You never study until the day before the quiz
  62. You have many tips that other people do not know
  63. You like to skate
  64. You play badminton
  65. You are a great liar
  66. You can act
  67. You love the number "8"
  68. You drink vita soy drink
  69. You are greedy
  70. You are the one who takes more food than you can eat in buffet
  71. You recycle
  72. You pay your utility bills at the last minute
  73. You have pets
  74. You don't smoke as much as B.G. ppl
  75. You can easily integrate into any environment and society
  76. You sleep at 4:00 am in the morning
  77. You wake up 12:00 in the noon
  78. You wear swatch
  79. You eat instant noodles
  80. You hate to walk
  81. You like to read "tin ha"
  82. You like to sleep
  83. You don't sing any national anthem
  84. You hate nerd (if this how you spell it?)
  85. You rush through your homework and study at the last minute
  86. You ask other HKer, "when are you going back to Hong Kong?" instead of, "when are you going to Hong Kong?" (in Cantonese)
  87. You like snack
  88. You discriminate against gays and lesbians
  89. You live in Sunset or Richmond district in San Francisco
  90. You have more remote controls than you actually need
  91. You have a compact walkman the size of a tape
  92. You have a discman
  93. You don't buy duplicated tapes or CDs
  94. You drive an Integra
  95. You read "sing tao" instead of "world journal" or "china press"
  96. You are not selfish
  97. You've had at least one girlfriend or boyfriend
  98. You use lead pencil instead of regular pencil
  99. You use a pencil box
  100. You are the most talkative person among your friends
  101. You are the nosiest person in public
  102. You have a pager
  103. You have a kind and warm heart
  104. You like to use Chinese slang
  105. You like to abbreviate everything, you read "reg" instead of "registration". you read "sem" instead of "semester"
  106. You like to call your friends by nicknames
  107. You immigrated to other parts of the world because of "Big Green."
  108. You know what embarrass means!!
  109. Your house is neat and clean!
  110. Your fish tank is clear, not Green
  111. People from China Hate you! (But they act like they like you)
  112. You are going to hate next year! 1997
  113. You don't try to be funny, you are born to be funny
  114. You KNOW you hate "some" people that try to act like they're from HK
  115. You are always up to date about everything
  116. Chan is spell C.h.a.n not C.h.e.n
  117. Don't think every little thing is inch like the BIG GREEN ppl
  118. Hate BIG GREEN ppl
  119. You are much much smarter than everybody especially the BIG GREEN ppl
  120. You Ho Wand Duck...<---read in Cantonese
  121. Hong Kong ppl don't have to act like they are from Hong Kong like the BIG GREEN ppl do
  122. You love to play snooker
  123. You don't use email as much as Americans even though you have an email account
  124. You drink Hi-C
  125. You know what does "Low-B" mean
  126. You hate baseball
  127. You can tell the big differences between TVB & ATV
  128. You eat curry fish balls very often
  129. You play HK-style basketball
  130. You eat Tong Tong Won Ton Noodles
  131. You drink "Afternoon Tea"
  132. You use "Tempo" more than "Kleenex"
  133. You don't know Victoria is Hong Kong's capital
  134. You know what does "Big Ear Hole" mean
  135. You ride a bike for fun
  136. You ate at Happy Valley restaurants before
  137. You drink HK-Style milk tea
  138. You always go to 7-11
  139. You always go to Circle-K
  140. If you are a male, you don't want to be called "Robert"
  141. If you are a female, you don't want to be called "Lucy"
  142. You read books written by Wesley
  143. You are so confident, you use pens to do math homework
  144. You love to wear uniforms (not the school uniforms)
  145. You sing karaoke more than going to church
  146. You wear funky bell bottom pants and carry around shoulder bags to school
  147. You have had at least one tutor in Secondary School
  148. You call soccer as football
  149. You call your cellular phone as "big brother big"
  150. You have a Boy London watch
  151. You must have a correctional pen (liquid paper) in your pencil box
  152. You don't wear a baseball cap
  153. You never take the leftover home if you are dinning out
  154. You eat "Jung-Jung" potato chip
  155. You call Physics, Chemistry and Biology as "phy/chem/bi"
  156. You pronounce mathematics as "Maths" instead of "Math"
  157. We remember and know what happened on June 4, 1989 instead of July 4.
  158. You know what is "3 years and 8 months"
  159. You know what is "Hong Kong Foot"
  160. You know who is "Lee Ka Shing"
  161. You comb your hair sometimes (not like the other Chinese).
  162. You don't say "Deal Lay Ma Go Hike" as much.
  163. Your parents care for their children, they don't just let them hang out at Chinatown (S.F.) after school
  164. You wash your hair often (not like the other Chinese)
  165. You think HK is the center of the universe
  166. You know when to be quiet. At least not as loud as the other C's
  167. You like to read Jap comics
  168. You don't need to worry about unemployment
  169. You always include one or two English words in every phrase that you say
  170. You might agree/disagree with the list, but you sure would laugh about it. If you didn't, what can I say, you are from China.

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