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Hello and welcome to my homepage!!

For those of you who have been here before, welcome back!! I hope your return visit is as useful/rewarding/fulfilling to you as your previous visit.

If this is the first time you've come across this section of the web, let me give you an idea of what can be found here.

First off, most of the contents of this site is jokes, jokes, and more jokes!!! I have been receiving jokes through e-mail from friends and people over the years... well, ever since 1994, to be exact!! As you can imagine, I have quite a collection here after all these years.

As jokes go, some are really funny, some are satirical, some downright boring, and some are really tasteless. I am inclined to put up most jokes that I received, save for those really boring ones that everyone's heard before, and those really tasteless ones. I do not believe in censorship, am not a racist or sexist, and am of the view that "I do not agree what you say, but I'll defend your rights to say it".

As such, there are some jokes that people might find racist or sexist (I've caught some flak for those jokes that are deemed to be sexist over the years, but I should point out to you that there are jokes that poke fun at both sex, and if you choose to comment on my jokes that degrade one sex, then I'm happy to point you to another joke on my site that is targetted at the opposite sex).

There are also plenty of jokes with adult material in them. In extreme cases, there are warnings next to those that might be really offensive to some, and in most cases, the titles would be quite suggestive as to the contents. So, please, if you feel that you might not like what is going to be loaded when you click on that link, DON'T!!!

Care have been taken to leave out the really distasteful ones, however, you're welcome to send me a polite note telling me why you find it to the contrary and you'll most definitely get a reply telling you my reasons for putting it up.

OK... enough about the jokes already!!!

The other major section on this site is taken up by computer and internet resources. I do not claim to have every resources about this subject, however I do have some really good sites to recommend to you if you are looking for any materials relating to computers or the internet.

You'll find links to various resources that I find invaluable. IMHO, people who are really into the computer industry, or who wants to keep up with the advance of this technology should find these sites really useful.

There are also plenty of resources that most people would find helpful, such as tips on optimizing your computer's performance, where to find the latest driver for your hardware. Of course, if there's something you're after, but con't find it here or don't know where to look for it, I'll be happy to give you some suggestions if you'll drop me a note.

Other things you'll find on these pages are my ICQ users' list where I list my contacts and where people on my list can treat it as a directory for looking up mutual friends, links to news, search engines, and other resources that are of interest to me.

You will also notice that on the right hand column there's a section called watch this space. This section will probably be the only one that gets updated every now and then with the latest things that's happening, or the things I've found that I really want to share with the rest of the world (well, those that visit my page anyway).

Hidden somewhere on all the pages is a link to a page titled: ABOUT ME. As the title suggests, it's only recommended reading for people who wants to know more about me, and wants to read my ramblings about my life history.

Well, that's enough for an introduction... feel free to browse around, don't forget to visit the jokes pages (and come back often, yah?!), and do find the time to give me some feedback and/or sign my GuestBook before you wander off to other more attractive web-sites!!!

Enjoy Your Visit!!

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on/off-line status indicator

Watch this space for new developments!![eyes]

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(Added on May17, 2000)

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