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Well, you wanna know more about me eh?!!... Well, what can I say?!!... I'm flattered! :)

As you'd have gathered by now, my name's Wee Khai. Right now, I'm in my final year of my Bachelor of Business in Marketing degree at RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), in Melbourne, Australia. However, my interest lies in computers and the internet.

These pages I've put up are mostly links to places. The only contents at this site are jokes I received through e-mail throughout the years. Thanks to my many 'suppliers', who I won't name here. However, you can contact them via the links I put at the end of each joke, provided the links are not outdated!!


I come from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which is a wonderful place to live in. (If you ever visit, make sure you try the local food... your tastebuds will love you for it!!) I was born in the year of the tiger.... those of you familiar with the chinese calendar might be able to fathom my age... and my zodiac is pisces.

For those of you wondering if you've ever met me before, here's a little history about me...


I went to kindergarten at the age of 5 and 6 at Infant Jesus in Cheras at the top of a hill, next to a refugee camp. at that time I was living in Taman Midah (known as Bolton at that time). After that, I was in SRJK (C) Jalan Davidson, which is a chinese school opposite Stadium Negara and Victoria Institution. I was there for standard one and two. During this time, I took up wu shu (chinese kungfu) and was thus introduced to the Selangor Chinwoo Atheletic Association, and later took up swimming and life-saving, and went on to become a part-time life-guard there while my Bronze Cross was still valid.

The rest of my primary and secondary school life was spent at Sri Kuala Lumpur. the school was originally at Jalan Ampang, then moved a few times while awaiting the completion of its own building. For those of you who are curious or haven't doze off yet, we moved from Jalan Ampang to Taman Mayang, then to Subang Jaya, where it's finally settled in now. In secondary school I took up Scouting, and through that, made many many friends from the Scouting as well as the Girl Guide movement, most notable people from SAMAD and TP.

It was also at this time in life I did a lot of exciting things, eg developed a love for roller-skating, cycling around the neighbourhood at 5am and in the evenings, learnt to drive, climbed Gunung Tahan...

After Form 5, it was AUP at Inti College in 1992. I was only there for 3 semester though, but there were more things to do and more friends to make. The most rewarding experience: setting up Nature's Club with a bunch of friends and the ups and downs of running it, or should I say, keeping it alive. Gunung Nuang and recycling campaign in conjunction with WWF, (that's World Wide Fund for Nature, not the wrestling federation) were among the unforgettable experiences. I should probably also not forget to mention a certain metallic gold Nissan C20 van with the registration number WBL526. This will probably be the one thing that most people will remember, if not for the time spent between destinations, then the unforgettable experience a few people had when it landed on its side!!

During my secondary and college years, I was also working from time to time at Smash Hits in Subang Parade. Unfortunately, this place where I spent most free time at is closed now. I've also worked part-time as a promoter for my dad at various SALES period at Parkson Parade, Metro Jaya, Yaohan and Mun Loong.


are you asleep yet??

In 1993, I was at Beaufort College in Perth, Australia. While it was an experience I'd rather not have gone through, the few friends I've made probably made it worthwile.

After a year of torture in Perth, I enrolled in RMIT and came to Melbourne in 1994 to pursue a Bachelor degree in Marketing. By now, daily life ceased to be exciting... and it's just the same old routine everyday... The best thing to happen since coming to Melbourne??.... many new experiences... which I shall not divulge, since it's probably detrimental to my health :p Anyway, this is where I've made another lot of friends, this time from around the world... we've had people from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Australia in our group. (well, from many countries then... not exactly from around the world)

roller-blades Here I picked up roller-blading, which has become my favoured mode of transport. Most notably, I've also developed a love for Cafe Latte and spent many, many unproductive hours at Cafe L'Incontro at the corner of Little Collins and Swanston Street.

I should probably mention that I started learning about the internet at this time, picked up HTML, and have been hacking out pages upon pages of web-page with notepad... oh all right.... I admit I sometimes use Netscape Navigator Gold... but hey!!... the bulk of it is done not using any fancy HTML-Editor, but the humble notepad. I don't like those 'intelligent' editors for one reason: they produce a lot of redundant codes and make the files bigger than necessary...

My love for webpage development and interest in the exciting world of internet landed me a contract job to develop a web-based presentation for GAPbuster Asia Pacific Ltd (Shop 'n Check Australia, at that time) in May 1998. Since then, I was hired as a part-time Marketing & IT Support at GAPbuster developing web-based presentations and helping prepare proposals until I returned to Malaysia in July 1999.

Working at GAPbuster is another highlight of my days in Melbourne. To say that the job is challenging would be a gross understatement. GAPbuster believes in staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technology as much as possible. The company culture is also the best that I've ever came across. everyone treats you like family from the first day you step into the organisation and the warmth of the people in the organisation from top to bottom never ceases to amaze me. I'll go so far as to say that I'll never trade working at GAPbuster for any other organisation in the world! the company constatly challenges you to push yourself to limits you never knew with its more often than not tight deadlines and the close to impossible race against time... but it was worth every ounce of effort jumping those hurdles. To be sure, there were many sleepless nights and round the clock productions, but the amazing thing is, everybody put in the effort without hesitations.

Much as I would have loved to stayed on in Melbourne, the pull of greater opportunities to be grabbed pioneering the growth of internet in a teething market such as Malaysia sees me packing up my life and returning to Malaysia to be at the right place at the right time.

Prior to returning, I spent a 6 weeks on a road trip backpacking around Australia travelling on the Greyhound, staying at backpackers and youth hostels, and exploring the many wonders Australia has to offer. If you want to discover Australia, don't spend too much time at the tourists attractions like Sydney, Gold Coast, etc. Take a trip to far flung places, follow the backpackers... it is definitely worth more than just seeing the Opera house and the Movie World, Adventure World, Sea World all put together. I'll like to tell you more about this unforgettable trip, but that is another story, and is covered in another section in my photo album.

where I am now...

TWMHaving returned to Malaysia in Sept 1999, I've yet to really settle down at this time of writing. First and foremost, I came back with an objective in mind - to build a web development company. So, with a long-time childhood friend, we founded TWM Marketing & Services. With not much start-up capital, we ventured into the business of providing web design and development, with many, many ideas that we hope to see fulfilled in the near future.

To experience the growth and to see the internet mature over the short span of the past 6 years is amazing. From an almost unknown entity back in 1994, to the explosion of internet use perpetuated by the introduction of the Netscape web browser in 1995, and in part, by AOL in 1997 when they started giving away free internet access, to today's overwhelming number of net users and mind-boggling advancement in internet and web technology... it has been an breathtaking ride so far, and will continue to fuel the growth of a more advanced world of interconnectivity. And I intend to be there every step of the way!

At the same time, another unexpected development occured in my life. One that I've never expected, and certainly never dreamed of. OmegatrendI was introduced to the world of Omegatrend, a business that was conceived and grew out of Perth, Western Australia way back in 1990. With a mission statement that says: "Omegatrend is a business which provides people with the opportunity to enhance their lives so that they might improve their world", how could I pass up the opportunity to be involved with this organisation?? The one thing I regret?? Not being introduced to this fine organisation when I was in Melbourne, else I would have saved a whole lot of money on my housekeeping bills, and perhaps earned some in the process to supplement my financial situation.

The concept of home-shopping and referral programs certainly isn't new on the internet, and yet, here is an organisation with that vision 10 years ago!! The benefits aren't only limited to home-shopping and the monetary rewards from the referral programs, there is so much more to it. Surprisingly, here is another organisation with the same set of company culture that I've experienced at GAPbuster. I know that there aren't many organisations out there that realises that the people in the organisation are its assets, let alone champion and nurture that environment. Yet here it is. Omegatrend. Team work, genorisity, personal development, training and support system, personal coaching, goals setting, time management... all rolled into one superb unbeatable package.

So right now, I've got two major pursuits in my life - that of growing the business of TWM, and that of growing my Omegatrend business.

contact info...

If you've not dozed off by now, and would like to contact me, for whatever reason, here's my contact info:

Name: Kuah Wee Khai
E-mail: khai@earthling.net
UIN: 1421757
E-mail Express: 1421757@pager.mirabilis.com
World Wide Pager address: http://wwp.mirabilis.com/1421757

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